Always wanted to learn Mandarin? Now’s the time!

Terry specializes in beginner and intermediate levels of Mandarin, the times when a great foundation is key. Starting with your first 30-minute lesson, you’ll be able to understand stories, dialogues and descriptions in Mandarin and answer questions about them. If you choose, you’ll receive customized reading passages as you learn to read (and write, if you want!) Chinese characters.

Terry has been teaching Mandarin with TPRS since 2000, and is the originator of the Cold Character Reading technique, Directional Gestures, and the TOP system of tonal spelling for teaching Mandarin. Her classes are effective and fun.

What are students saying?

Terry’s method requires a lot less time and effort than the other mentioned methods. She prepares her classes well, ensures they are interesting and enjoyable and, crucially, ensures that there is enough input that I am able to retain the vocabulary and phrases long after the class has finished and without the need to review. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what she does; the two essential qualities for any good teacher.

Having classes with Terry has been a revelation and I only wish I had started classes with her sooner. I have recommended her to my friends and colleagues, who lack the time and desire to go to intensive classes, and she will undoubtedly be an asset to your institution.

Joe Griffin