Tired of Being Alone?

June 16, 20179:00 pm

TPRS/CI Shop Talk!


Friday (Saturday) June 16/17 depending on your location. A quick opportunity to connect and recharge! Meet up online with other TPRS/CI teachers and share, ask questions, complain, or just hang out! Theoretically a 30-minute session…but these sometimes run over when folks get talking…

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Feeling burned out? Like no one else is doing what you do? Or just want to share a successful moment with colleagues? TPRS/CI Shop Talk is your chance to hang out online with a few like-minded teachers. No pressure — it’s not a formal workshop or meeting, just an opportunity to touch base with others, ask questions if you want, look for suggestions, or get a pat on the back for a job well done!

Limited to 5 participants so we can all be on video and see each other’s smiling faces!

Get Your Circling On!

June 16, 20179:00 pm

Circling: Quick and Powerful


Two Fridays (or Saturdays, depending on where you are) June 16/17 and June 30/July 1. Two live small-group webinar sessions to get teachers up to speed on the foundational TPRS/TCI skill of circling in their languages.

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Wondering what the whole “circling” thing means and accomplishes in Comprehensible Input-based instruction? Took a workshop, read a book or watched some videos, but didn’t quite “get it”? Spend an easy hour and master the circling skill, including personalized coaching time circling in your teaching language at the level you teach. Then try it out in your own classroom and come back two weeks later for a debrief and additional support if you need it!

Two live online sessions: a one-hour training and coaching session and a 30 minute debrief/Q&A/troubleshooting session as followup.

Live online sessions are limited to 5 participants to ensure individual attention and time for coaching. All online sessions may be recorded so please do not attend if you are not comfortable with that possibility. You will receive a link by email a day or two before the scheduled session; just follow the prompts. For best results, have a webcam available on your computer as we want to “teach to the eyes”!