Traditional “Anna”

I recently had a very nice e-mail from a professor who wants to use “Anna meI Banfa*” in a class, but wanted to know if it was available in Traditional characters.

That’s been a foot-dragger. I should have written the thing in Traditional characters to begin with, but I was under the thrall of a district that insisted on Simplified characters. (Nothing wrong with Simplified, but my own belief is that for reasons of easier recognition and easier transition to the “other” system, starting with Traditional characters is easier for students — and anyway, no one writes by hand anymore, do they? So what’s the problem with a few extra strokes, if it makes things more recognizable? But I digress…) So I wrote the thing in Simplified to begin with. And, of course, there is no neat one-to-one correspondence from Simplified to Traditional characters.  :-(

Well, anyway…time to get going on it. Arrangements have been made and I hope to have the traditional Chinese character version of “Anna meI Banfa*” up on Amazon in…um…awhile.  Couple of weeks, maybe. Certainly as soon as possible.

The Simplified Chinese character version of the book can be browsed here:

I’m trying to make it available for Kindle as well…

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