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Tonally Orthographic Pinyin system infographic

After not realizing for a long time that there wasn’t any information about the Tonally Orthographic Pinyin system of triple-marked tones for teaching Mandarin up on my web site, I finally got my act together and made an attempt at summarizing the rules and some of the benefits of the system in an infographic. It […]

Tips for Tones

On a language teachers’ mailing list, someone asked for hints on how to teach Chinese tones. Here’s how I do it. Some tools for getting students to acquire tones in Mandarin: –Directional gestures (gestures specifically for each new word that incorporate both a meaning component and place the tones into a tonal space that is […]

What good is Pinyin for someone in Taiwan (or at all)?

What good do all these super features of Pinyin (like Capitalization, connected (or not connected) syllables etc) in pure language learning, where you have to learn the characters? (One can argue how far characters are needed for learning, but if you want to do classic language learning (= “I want to use the language as […]

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