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TPRS for Adult Post-Beginners

A teacher recently asked for suggestions for how to modify TPRS to suit the needs of an adult “post-beginner” class, which would be taught for 2 hours a day. The goals of the class, which is for ESL, would be to equip the learners with the language to be able to rent housing, shop, and […]

But TPRS is so unstructured!

On a discussion board talking about learning Chinese, the comment was recently posted: It was only after I’d been learning Chinese for a while and had acquired most of the grammar structures that I felt comfortable learning Chinese in a non-structured way. This statement seems logical on the surface. After all, you have to “learn” […]

Themed Units and Curriculum Tagging

One reason why some folks aren’t keen on TPRS® is that it doesn’t embrace the themed unit. Most textbooks and curriculum documents are organized into themes. “My Family.” “School and Home”. “Celebrations”. Those are great, if you believe that giving people the ability to say a whole lot about a very little is the way […]

The dreaded “family unit”

A prominent List has recently featured a discussion on the pitfalls of navigating the morass of family relationships in the Family Unit, given students who come from all sorts of broken or dysfunctional homes. With the Cleavers and the Bradys no longer sending their perfectly-socialized kids to public schools (it seems) this is a legitimate […]

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