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TPRS™ and the Issue of Initial vs. Target Fluency

From a language teachers’ list: TPRS is used for teaching fluency.  We use it whenever students don’t have “ease of expression”.  Ease of expression means they speak with confidence, accuracy and without hesitation.  It is been my exprience that “ease of expression” does not happen in just four years of Spanish.  I agree that TPRS works […]

What is Fluency? What is Proficiency?

Fluency is being able to use all the language you’ve acquired unconsciously and correctly. Proficiency is being able to do that and also having enough vocabulary to make things happen in the world.

How do you learn new words if everything is known?

On a Chinese-learning forum, a user asked: I understand how CI develops the ability to recognise and produce appropriate structures and functions in a language, but if the input is all known to the learner (in terms of vocabulary used) how does the learner acquire the long lists of vocab needed to actually use the […]

Does fluency occur in stages?

Here’s the problem with an all-TPRS Chinese program: there’s no reason why students would not be able to acquire virtually all the structure in modern standard Chinese by the end of the second year. Unlike the FIGS, where there are six forms to be taught for every tense (not to mention different endings within a […]

There’s time for a variety of “techniques”, right?

Um, no. There really isn’t. Or, more precisely, it depends on what you mean by “techniques”. The thing that I think a lot of people do not understand is that while it is very accommodating to say “there is time for everything” in the foreign language classroom, the cold hard fact is that there is […]

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