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TPRS and Danielson: Domain #1

TPRS teachers are increasingly worried about being evaluated using the Danielson rubric. There is some reason for this. TPRS teachers are focused on providing input for acquisition — and we do that by making things comprehensible. The Danielson rubric is not complicated if you take it apart bit by but, but on the whole, it […]

The Numbers Game

Quick math quiz: when is 85% greater than 100%? When the 85% is Chinese delivered through comprehensible input, and the 100% is Chinese that is just…delivered. Every year, the comments from evaluators about TPRS are the same: “too much English!” “You didn’t stay in Chinese 90% of the time!” Now, aside from arguments of how […]

What are we really counting?

A poster on a prominent foreign language teachers’ list recently commented, in the context of a second poster’s question about research comparing methodologies: …while it is difficult to do true scientific research where we isolate one variable, we can assess our students’ proficiency based on the ACTFL proficiency scale using instruments such as the OPIc, STAMP, or […]

Unit questions mean there have to be units…

On another List, the cry recently went up from a teacher tasked with writing stuff for a new IB program: I’m having trouble with unit questions (guiding question, essential outcome, enduring understanding). We’re supposed to come up with the big questions,but my kids can’t answer the big questions in French, and I’ve worked so hard trying to […]

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