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Paralysis by analysis

On a social media group for teachers, the following question (actually pretty far removed from the title of this post!) was recently posted: Could you share resources that you’ve used to infuse your TPRS lessons with cultural perspectives? As I waited for my server to let me into my own blog — some sort of […]

Immersion Looks Better, Though

Let’s not forget: immersion means being underwater. And novice language learners don’t have gills. An observer of a TPRS-based Chinese class recently commented (using words to this effect): This is a great program. But you should use less English. You use too much English. If you want to give instructions that are complicated, you should […]

The Culture Club

The cry goes up: TPRS doesn’t teach culture. TPRS is a language acquisition method based in Comprehensible Input. As such, it believes that the road to acquisition lies in having students hear and read lots of language that they can understand completely. So where does culture come in? Culture is often mentioned in curricular documents […]

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