Leveling up

Paraphrasing a post I saw on another group recently.

A teacher was very dissatisfied with her own performance in implementing TPRS. She had been to a conference, watched all the videos she could find, and practiced, but still she felt inadequate. Even though her students seemed to be getting the language, she didn’t think she was doing it well enough.

Someone asked her: “How many years have you been teaching language?”

“Twelve years.”

“And how many years with TPRS?”

“A year and a half.”

“So you’re a Level 12 teacher, but a Level 1 TPRSer.”

“Hmmm….”  And that seemed to put things in perspective for her.

You WILL “level up”. You WILL “get it”. But it does take some time, and some practice, before everything becomes second nature. When you go to a conference or a workshop, you’re watching Level 15 or even Level 20 TPRSers, in many cases.  They make it look easy. And it’s not that it’s hard — it’s just that it takes a bit of time, like most worthwhile skills.


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