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Leveling up

Paraphrasing a post I saw on another group recently. A teacher was very dissatisfied with her own performance in implementing TPRS. She had been to a conference, watched all the videos she could find, and practiced, but still she felt inadequate. Even though her students seemed to be getting the language, she didn’t think she […]

“Hours and hours”?

On another TPRS-focused list, someone recently posted: Terry Waltz, a staunch proponent of what I would call Classical TPRS, has said many times that TPRS takes a lot of practice and has a large skill set to master, and therefore she asserts that new practitioners need hours and hours of training and coaching, to begin […]

TPRS: The Gateway Method

PQA. La Personal Especial. Comprehensible content-based teaching. One-word images. MovieTalk. Quiz time: what one method encompasses all of them? TPRS. Many people come around to Teaching with Comprehensible Input and want to start with something other than TPRS. They like MovieTalk. They just want to do La Personal Especial. They don’t want to do storytelling. […]

Balance bikes forever…?


Balance bikes. The next great thing. Lets little kids — even as young as 18 months — “ride” a bicycle, because there are no pedals and no drive train on the thing. Their feet always touch the floor. Sure, they can’t get going very fast, unless they end up heading down a big hill, and […]

Lights, camera…evaluate!

On an internet forum, in the context of ideas for how people could improve TPRS skills if no workshop was readily available, the suggestion was recently made: I highly recommend watching you-tube videos that teachers have posted of themselves. And who wouldn’t agree! Video available for free on the Internet is an amazing thing. You […]

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