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10 Myths about Whole Class Reading

Whole Class Reading  (WCR) for the purposes of this post refers to using any modality of reading instruction with the entire class at once, including the various types (yes, plural) of reading instruction detailed in the Reading chapter of TPRS With Chinese Characteristics, which apply (really!) to all languages. 1. Whole Class Reading is boring. […]

NCIS: “I found this great song that teaches…”

No, this isn’t about all music, and all the ways music can be used in a CI classroom. This episode of NCIS focuses on songs that Teach Something. Songs to help kids remember the verb endings, or the direct and indirect object pronouns, or the declensions, or whatever. This one doesn’t get a take-down by […]

NCIS: Teaching Question Formation

NCIS: Not CI Stuff More and more, we are seeing helpful links posted to various groups that are supposed to be focused on teaching with Comprehensible  Input. Of course, everyone likes sharing. Sharing is a good thing that.s spread good ideas and reduces the time teachers have to spend prepping for classes. The only problem […]

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