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Shooting down the grammar geeks

On a teachers’ site, this question recently surfaced: Ok suppose a kid said, “Mr/Ms Smith, I want more grammar teaching/practice” and you’re like, “no way, there but for the grace of Blaine go I.” You know C.I. works but you need a fast, simple demo to show that grammar (or really any explicit teaching of […]

Memorization: something to keep in mind

On a discussion board for a prominent language-related association, the following came out of a discussion on homework and memorization in foreign language teaching practice.  …some form memorization is vital to learning anything really; it is one of the  building block of knowledge construction. Anything…except languages. Well, yes, memorization is vital to *learning* languages. Fortunately, […]

NCIS: “I found this great song that teaches…”

No, this isn’t about all music, and all the ways music can be used in a CI classroom. This episode of NCIS focuses on songs that Teach Something. Songs to help kids remember the verb endings, or the direct and indirect object pronouns, or the declensions, or whatever. This one doesn’t get a take-down by […]

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