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Paralysis by analysis

On a social media group for teachers, the following question (actually pretty far removed from the title of this post!) was recently posted: Could you share resources that you’ve used to infuse your TPRS lessons with cultural perspectives? As I waited for my server to let me into my own blog — some sort of […]

TPRS: The Gateway Method

PQA. La Personal Especial. Comprehensible content-based teaching. One-word images. MovieTalk. Quiz time: what one method encompasses all of them? TPRS. Many people come around to Teaching with Comprehensible Input and want to start with something other than TPRS. They like MovieTalk. They just want to do La Personal Especial. They don’t want to do storytelling. […]

Flashcard it you should not


Yoda here again. A little problem with Luke Skywalker I am having. Wishes to use nuclear device instead of light saber he does. Why would Yoda care? Why should we care about how the enemy is killed? Isn’t it better to kill a whole lot more Stormtroopers at once, anyway? And why should we care […]

Balance bikes forever…?


Balance bikes. The next great thing. Lets little kids — even as young as 18 months — “ride” a bicycle, because there are no pedals and no drive train on the thing. Their feet always touch the floor. Sure, they can’t get going very fast, unless they end up heading down a big hill, and […]

Don’t be blinded by the disco ball


On a discussion group, a teacher recently made a comment something more or less like: My 8th grade dance students have been invited to participate in a countywide dance judging contest. You know, the ones where they have to judge dancers on twenty dimensions of technical merit and give memorized reasons why they placed the […]

A steaming cuppa Joe-Outputs-In-Spanish-Class

Pairwork. Mmm.  Soooo good (say the administrators and observers). Students working together, taking responsibility for their learning, in a student-centered environment. (Whether or not these are really true is up for grabs. But we digress.) It’s like that cup of coffee your mouth is watering for right after I typed the words “cup of coffee”. […]

Step away from the chair

On a teachers’ discussion group, one new TPRS teacher made this comment: Have been feeling like I’ve been dying all week. Kids are not into it yet at all and just look at me with bored expressions even when I’m standing on a chair acting ridiculous. Ewwwwwww….everybody knows that feeling, like you’re Ann Coulter at […]

Lights, camera…evaluate!

On an internet forum, in the context of ideas for how people could improve TPRS skills if no workshop was readily available, the suggestion was recently made: I highly recommend watching you-tube videos that teachers have posted of themselves. And who wouldn’t agree! Video available for free on the Internet is an amazing thing. You […]

Grandma’s got the moves

A request for information was recently posted on the internet:  I have a colleague that wants me to help her find a book that teaches about CI but she is not interested in TPRS. That’s kind of like saying you want to meet your long-lost cousins, but not your grandmother.  TPRS is the grandmother of […]

White-collar TPRS

(Get it? “Management”? <groan>) The question recently came up on a teaching page: How do I manage my TPRS classroom? My answer will probably be disappointing. You manage it the same way you manage any classroom. Management precedes instruction. You can’t teach anything, using any method, if you can’t manage your classroom. All of the […]

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