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Engagement and the Left-Handed Language Learner

So lately everyone’s excited about the “DEA” — the Daily Engagement Assessment. Engagement is crucial to language acquisition, right? And how can the teacher know if the students are engaged unless they show that they are engaged, by responding using specific behaviors that can be observed? (Hmmm…starting to sound a lot like the Evil Danielson […]

ACTFL proficiency standards and thematic FIGS units

As in, does one give rise to the other? I’m sitting in a workshop about the ACTFL standards. The task before the trainees is to place certain functionalities, content and control of language or comprehensibility into each level of ACTFL proficiency (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Superior, Distinguished — which was recently misspelled humorously on Facebook as […]

TPRS: Review should be redundant

OK, this is intended to be very, very gentle, but after seeing a number of conventionally excellent — and yet very “not really highest possible quality input based” — review suggestions out there of late: The whole point behind TPRS is that review is redundant. We teach to mastery the first time around. I think this “old-time” tenet of […]

Review for TPRS Exam

On a teachers’ list, someone recently asked (paraphrased): How can I help students review vocabulary for our semester exam?  I create a story (this year I’m narrating a video), they will listen and answer multiple choice questions. They will read a novel chapter and answer questions in English and they will write an original story using […]

The Potato Peel of Progress


On a teacher email list, this question was posed: With the discussion on free writes and why grading them is detrimental, I have been thinking about tracking student progress. I know I can track the number of words, but what other sorts of things do you track and how? A child takes 10,000 hours of […]

Life Experience and Authentic Tasks in the Language Classroom

There was recently a discussion about other things on a mailing list, and a teacher gave some examples of types of assessment being used. One thing stuck out in my mind: a task that required students to make a “phone call” (to an online service) and inquire about renting an apartment in a city in […]

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