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“Hours and hours”?

On another TPRS-focused list, someone recently posted: Terry Waltz, a staunch proponent of what I would call Classical TPRS, has said many times that TPRS takes a lot of practice and has a large skill set to master, and therefore she asserts that new practitioners need hours and hours of training and coaching, to begin […]

The piano played a wrong note

On a blog post, someone supporting the idea of untargeted “story listening” recently described a teacher’s performance delivering a targeted TPRS story (one for which the language to be emphasized was known before class started) thusly: …my targeted stories are about as personalized as a Mad Lib activity. Sounds to me kind of like someone […]

Target language math

10 minutes of 60% comprehensible = 600 comprehension-units, and we don’t know if the meaning to language matches are correct or not. 9 minutes of 90% comprehensible = 810 comprehension-units, and we know all of them are correct. That 1 minute of English is well used, not abused. And for those who have doubts whether […]

It’s baaaack

I’m afraid I do not see sufficient elemental differences between “story-listening” and anything else to consider story-listening an independent method. It’s TPRS 1.0 coming back, like the miniskirt, and has the same disadvantage: that all the varied bodies in question have to happen to fit the skirt for it to work, because like very early […]

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck?

How central to a method does an “element” have to be to be an element of that method? On an internet group, I recently spotted a comment that went something like this (I can’t find it at the moment): I like a lot of the elements of [hot new method]. So I do [hot new […]

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