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The need to ask

On a social media site, a general question more or less like this has been flying around of late: Why can’t we just look at our students and gauge them that way? Why do they need to actually respond? I can already tell if they are listening and interested. The answer goes back to the […]

CI with Local Characteristics

So, you believe that language is acquired through comprehensible input — repeated matching of incoming sounds (or what looks to my ignorant non-signing eyes like hand-waving, in the case of ASL) and meaning by the wonderful, ever-working brain. So every technique based on comprehensible input should work for everyone, right? Since that is a language […]

Cold Character Reading: Conditions for Success

Cold Character Reading is very simple in theory: get some oral language into the students’ heads, then have them directly jump to reading that same language (but a story or text they have never seen or heard before, not something they already know the meaning of) using a non-phonetic writing system like Chinese characters, or […]

TPRS: The Gateway Method

PQA. La Personal Especial. Comprehensible content-based teaching. One-word images. MovieTalk. Quiz time: what one method encompasses all of them? TPRS. Many people come around to Teaching with Comprehensible Input and want to start with something other than TPRS. They like MovieTalk. They just want to do La Personal Especial. They don’t want to do storytelling. […]

Why literal translation doesn’t do it

The question was recently raised on a teachers’ list Is word-for-word translation (“glossing”) or translation into natural English “better” in the TPRS classroom? (This translation being referred to is for comprehension checks; no one is talking about having kids translate long passages of text in writing.) This kind of “translation” is intended as a quick […]

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