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Red shirts

If you are communicating with another person, there is a standard for what that looks like… ^THIS is the core of the issue. This is what people don’t get about grading behaviors or appearances in the classroom. There is no universal natural standard for what communicating with another person looks like. Because of this, there […]

Substituting ingredients

There’s been some discussion of late about why some people feel (myself included) that so-called “TCI” (Teaching with Comprehensible Input) should not be lumped in with TPRS. There are number of reasons for this. First off, TPRS is a self-contained method. It gives a teacher all the tools that are needed, all the techniques required, […]

Targeted Input and the Competence Gap

I am glad to see that Stephen Krashen has reconsidered the wording which previously stated that TPRS becomes AL-M when the input is targeted. However, removing the inflammatory language hasn’t changed the basic idea being put forth. Krashen says he is simply describing two types of input (targeted, as in coming from a curriculum, and […]

Engagement and the Left-Handed Language Learner

So lately everyone’s excited about the “DEA” — the Daily Engagement Assessment. Engagement is crucial to language acquisition, right? And how can the teacher know if the students are engaged unless they show that they are engaged, by responding using specific behaviors that can be observed? (Hmmm…starting to sound a lot like the Evil Danielson […]

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