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Paper or Digital for acquisition?

What’s the difference? Reading is reading, as long as the brain is making meaning from visual language. What is the line between a billboard and an enormous outdoor LCD screen? A book and an iPad? I think the level of comprehensibility and the transparency of the writing system are more important than the specific medium […]

TPRS: Review should be redundant

OK, this is intended to be very, very gentle, but after seeing a number of conventionally excellent — and yet very “not really highest possible quality input based” — review suggestions out there of late: The whole point behind TPRS is that review is redundant. We teach to mastery the first time around. I think this “old-time” tenet of […]

Review for TPRS Exam

On a teachers’ list, someone recently asked (paraphrased): How can I help students review vocabulary for our semester exam?  I create a story (this year I’m narrating a video), they will listen and answer multiple choice questions. They will read a novel chapter and answer questions in English and they will write an original story using […]

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