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I agree — TPRS is just another tool in the toobox

I still wish I had a nickel for every time someone has said this to me, though… So, here we go. I agree! Yes! TPRS is simply another tool for the good teacher to have in his or her toolbox. But let’s be clear: the good teacher will also empty his or her toolbox of […]

Square peg

From a language teachers’ mailing list: I am a Level 1 teacher in an IB middle school…each unit needs to have “Inquiry Questions” outlined of 3 types- Factual, Conceptual and Debatable…my students are operating at a pretty low level when it comes to communication…I feel like sometimes my program is a square peg trying to […]

The benefits (and underpinning) of extensive reading

On a language teachers’ list, a post recently said: So when I wanted to learn Spanish, I started by reading all the Blaine Ray novels and all the TPRS novels and then I progressed to young adult books like Holes and then I read all my favorite sci fi books in Spanish, all the Ender’s […]

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