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Does TPRS use explicit grammar instruction?

No. Any doubt about that? Let me repeat. No. No matter how much one individual might wish to sell a grammar-based agenda, and wish to put words in my mouth to support his agenda, TPRS does not support explicit grammar teaching. Nor does it need it. Nor would explicit grammar instruction improve TPRS, as an […]

Horses for courses

Horse-racing people like to say that it’s “horses for courses”. Certain horses perform very well on certain courses, and perform poorly on other courses. Same horse. Same quality of breeding, care and training. It’s just that the purpose to which the horse is put isn’t the one that suits it best. A quarter horse will […]

What do you get when you take the students out of TPRS?

A really long string of questions and answers. At the end of class, someone should theoretically be able to take the recording of the class, erase all the student voices, and be left with an endless string of questions and answers, all in full sentences (or short answers followed by full sentences or three-fers), in […]

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