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Traditional “Anna”

I recently had a very nice e-mail from a professor who wants to use “Anna meI Banfa*” in a class, but wanted to know if it was available in Traditional characters. That’s been a foot-dragger. I should have written the thing in Traditional characters to begin with, but I was under the thrall of a […]

TPRS when the “S” means “Self”

Not optimal. Not optimal at all. But there are times when you either just can’t find a TPRS teacher, or you can’t find any language teacher at all (for those of us who are drawn to the less commonly spoken languages), or the best materials you can get are one of those listen-and-repeat tapes. Note […]

Does writing improve reading?

That was the question posed recently on a forum I frequent. I would respond that writing is not engaging the same areas of the brain that are used for reading and pattern recognition in general. We may be mixing the ideas of writing to improve character recognition and writing to improve language in general as […]

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