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Structure as meaning

So we’re doing a class story. The kids are copying the final result off the whiteboard in characters (not without some weeping and moaning, of course. “All those characters?”) The next sentence proposed is “He took his phone out.” The girl who proposed it started off in Chinese with “He took out…” (“TA nACHUlaI…”) and […]

Making output input

So many times it is difficult to “fly under the radar” as  a  TPRS teacher in a TPRS-unfriendly department. There is a whole lot of pressure to use games, pairwork activities and things like that, most of which involve a) a lot of output that is b) in English in most cases anyway, and which […]

Just do it

TPRS, that is. I keep being told by well-meaning people that “you have to break up the class period” and “kids can’t concentrate listening to a language for more than 10 minutes”, all that sort of thing. So, every so often, I fall into one of those we’ll-play-it-the-company-way moods and figure, heck, I really should […]

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