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Write Administrator-Approved Objectives in No Time!

TPRS works. But often, admins are at a loss to spot the things that are really going on. This is often because TPRS accomplishes many goals at the same time, instead of devoting large blocks of time to a single goal that is obvious and easy to observe.

This generator will give you a random TPRS/CI friendly goal at random each time you click the button. (You may see duplication before you have seen all the goals because of the randomization).

If you do a class activity and can't think of how to write a convincing goal in administration-speak, email Terry and she'll sling the you-know-what and add your goal to this generator for everyone to use.

Students will contrast events or situations in shared narrative with events in own lives or collective class experiences

you tell a parallel story or ask PQA questions that relate to the story that is being created or read in class