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Some general observations about TPRS for Mandarin

TPRS from UH Videos on Vimeo.

Thinking about adopting Comprehensible-Input based instruction or TPRS for your Chinese classes?.

I've been teaching with Comprehensible Input and TPRS® for 14 years now, and I can honestly tell you, I would never teach or learn a language any other way. And that's after being hailed as a "good" teacher for years. You know, the one who stayed at school until 6 pm or later, making pairwork exercises and photocopying stuff that, half the time, didn't work, and almost never held the kids' attention.

TPRS does involve a learning curve. Comprehensible Input in general does, too, if you are going to make the input truly comprehensible. Don't be taken in by the claims by some latecomers to the CI party about how using mime, pictures, gestures, or interpretive dance will make the language "comprehensible". That's kinda-sorta comprehensible. In true CI circles, "comprehensible" means "able to be comprehended", not "able to be guessed." And this comprehensibility is what drives the amazing results we see every day with CI-based teaching.

I'm acquiring language #12 now, and even though there were no trained TPRS teachers for this language, I have happily taken the time to show my language teacher how I want to be taught -- using 100% comprehensible input. There's nothing like the feeling of really understanding!